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We are an American and a Slovenian who have always been obsessed with National Geographic, Travel Channel, stories of Adventure, road trips, mountains, and any kind of food, be it airplane, street or fine dining. The distance between us had us pick a middle ground of London where to settle, as it was somewhere that met all these requirements. London was wonderful to us, great people and a great city to explore. Every alley way had something new, and every day had us experiencing a new culture from seeing curry passed around on a train after a cricket match, to reggae nights at the Caribbean club down the street, to the local pub with coworkers. But the whole time we knew the open road was calling us. We set off from London to Slovenia to enjoy one last summer in place that we knew, and then we would be off in search of new things; friendly people, street food, close calls, crazy or smart local innovations, and most of all seeing the world not from a screen but below our own two feet. We are quite different people, one organized, one good at last minute fixes, one interested in people, one in nature, one obsessed with following a budget, one with finding new music, but both of us always looking for new food, hoping to expand our minds and our personal capabilities to explore all that we can.