Moving my ass in the right direction

I sometimes get feeling which some would call it:  ‘out of body experience’. I feel like I am looking at myself from a distance and evaluating my life. It hits me that I AM HAPPY. And I am amazed at myself as it was I who got here by gathering all the courage to be proactive and chase the dream. I am living my dream and I am living it with my best friend and husband. It was just today when I posted some pictures on my personal Facebook page that I realized how amazing our experiences were so far. Swimming in the Zambezi River only to later realize that there is a crocodile and a hippo swimming 10 metres away. Canoeing past all this wildlife, doing safaris, sleeping in a Massai mud hut, tracking rhinos by searching their footprints and dung, and much more; this is our unique life adventure.

People we know or people we just met do wonder ‘how the hell can you afford it?’ It is all about priorities. Our priority during our time in London was to save money for this trip and sacrifice. Our friends got bigger apartments and we were stuck in our studio by choice, but still sometimes we had to remind ourselves what we are saving for. If it concerned purchasing something pricier (eg. shoes, clothes, gadgets, household things or even furniture) it first had to go through set of questions such as: Will I carry it in my backpack the whole time? Is it practical for travel? If it got a positive reply to both then it was a reasonable purchase otherwise we turned our heads and walk away (unless it was a new experience such is exploring the Lake District, Devon, climbing the O2 arena, a trip to see our families/friends, or exploring Morocco). People are different and every person defines what is most important to them. For us family is important and we will get to that when it will be time for it, but at the moment for us this adventure is our current priority. Tan and I were talking about how sometimes we feel like we are missing out on things such as still not owning our own home, not yet having children or even a car. But then again we are not in a rush and have our whole lives to get all those things when we feel we are ready for them.

We are happy to be where we are at the moment and how our adult lives evolved. We live our life for ourselves otherwise we could be still in our home town just to please people around us. As a consequence we could be very unhappy, living our lives by other people standards and not by how we want to live. I am not judging anyone, as people are different. Some love and are happy in their home town, I am only trying to point out that in my case this would mean unhappiness.

What I tried to say with this post is that we worked extremely hard to get here and we do deserve all the adventures we will experience. Instead of putting money down for a house deposit, we decided to do once in a lifetime adventure that we can only gain from it. Our horizons are widening and as a result we are changing in a way we would never be able if we would not set out on this trip.

So stop whining that you wish you could afford all this and start working on it. If you just whine and do not start being proactive you will never be able to afford it. And by not being proactive you are stating that it is not your dream/priority to travel and this is totally ok as long as you do not whine about it! And it is not just for traveling it is about most things in our lives. Don’t be afraid of failing as there is no such thing as a failure, because every time you put all the efforts towards your goal you learn very important lessons in your life. If we, for some reason would not be able to reach our goal, our big saving project taught us that we do not need so many material things. We learned that experiences are the ones that matter and less material things we have more liberated we feel, more time to focus on each other and on ourselves. So stop whining, MOVE YOUR ASS and WORK ON reaching your GOALS and DREAMS!

One buffalo moved its ass, whilst the other one stayed put.

One buffalo moved its ass, whilst the other one stayed put.