Kenya as a positive place

We are in Kenya for five days now, and we are both impressed. People we meet, places we go to, everything seem so positive. We met a few locals (mostly our street food ‘mamas’, and some individuals along the way) who were all eager to help and talk to us with a smile, without trying to earn money from us. It might be just luck, but it made our transition from Europe to Africa so much easier. Kenyans are also very caring for their wildlife, at least what we saw so far. If I dare to quote a local: “If you are a fan of ivory, do not come to Kenya. If you are not fan of ivory, you are very welcome in my country!”

We visited an elephant orphanage, where they help baby elephants to become independent enough to return back into the wild (read more in causes). Also we visited The Giraffe Centre in Nairobi, which is helping Rothschild Giraffes to stay in Western Kenya. It was only 120 of them left, so they really needed help to get numbers up. Kenya has so many positives.

Even going to Nairobi was pleasant, if you exclude the smog. We read and heard about it being horrible, full of touts, crime, and just being it not that nice. But to tell you the truth Nairobi compared to Marrakesh (Morocco), is very nice and calm. It might be just the case of personal experience in each place, but we think Nairobi is an ok city.