Safari of a lifetime!

We are back, safe and sound, a bit dirty and tired, and full of memories that feel like we just watched the most amazing animal documentary of our lives – by being in it!

Our safari was amazing, due to our crew, fellow safarians, animals, panoramic views and more. Our drive started with a monster safari vehicle at one of the nicest Nairobi hotels (Hill park hotel). It was a great one night stand, after week long camping and before another two weeks of camping with some cold showers, long drop toilets and other luxuries that we were about to have.

So we headed from Nairobi in Kenya and camped the whole way through Lake Naivasha, Lake Nakuru, Lake Victoria, Serengeti, Ngoro Ngoro crater rim, Snake park and at the edge of Kilimanjaro just before we went back to civilization to spend some time in Zanzibar.

You are probably wondering if we saw anything, and our answer would be a lot! Can you imagine seeing a rare moment when a lion climbs up a tree, to wait for a prey to come to him? Well this is the kind of luck we had the whole time of our safari, from seeing black and white rhino, leopard, and wildebeest migrating to Masai Mara, vultures feeding on carcass, servile cat hunting in the grass, and seeing crocodiles which were too stuffed to eat more food that was just floating around. This was definitely experience of a lifetime.


We are so happy we decided for a camping safari as being in a tent in the middle of Serengeti, hearing hyenas laughing, wildebeest almost tripping over our tent and our guide instructing us to stay in our tents as there is a lion walking pass our tents. Then another funny moment at the rim of the Ngoro Ngoro crater, when we were washing up our dishes and Tan welcomes the park ranger. Only to realize that the ranger is there to follow wild elephant which was just behind Tans shoulder. There was a lot more little moments that made this camping worthwhile. We also loved the way our safari was done, where we were helping with camping chores and I learned how to do some of the local dishes from our cook Issa. Our guide refused to give us village experience that is designed for tourists, instead he threw us out of the truck and made us to go and explore local villages and talk to the locals on our own and by using our terrible Swahili.