I can only be your global friend

I am in a way a global nomad, I made friends all over the world and with my constant moving from place to place I think I still have very rich life with friends. But coming from a small town (almost a village), some of my old friends might think I am out of their lives already.

Meaning of the word friendship has a different meaning to me. For me a friend is someone that I do not contact every day, week, month or even years. But when we do see or hear each other we are like we used to be, it seems like only a day has passed. I loved our weekend break in Norway when we went to see my old high school friend. I did not see her for about 6 years, but we ended chatting for hours day and night. We both changed a lot, but our friendship and openness to each other stayed the same.

Especially living in London allowed me to have similar friendships. It seems like they are in our group of global nomads. Although living in the same city, we sometimes did not manage to meet for months, but when we did it was the most incredible time with fun experiences. Whether it was occasional scavenger hunting, once a year bbqing, occasional trips to Brighton or Devon, night outs to the theatre/cinema, weird costume themed parties, or just simple and plain old family style Christmas dinners with snorting-laughter. Seeing all of them and be part of their amazing life experience makes me speechless and grateful that we have met them. I am glad that these friendships are lasting and I am sure they will continue to last, even though there are thousands of miles between us, and years before we meet again, we are still there for each other and want to share our important life adventures. We feel so grateful that so many people let us into their important life events.

All this amazing experience of being a global friend is being such a positive thing of making friends for life. But as I wrote earlier I come from a small town and country where a friend is usually regarded as a person that is there constantly. Unfortunately my situation of being a global nomad means I cannot be there the whole time. For this reason, I am extremely blessed with only a handful of people that can understand this and are keeping me in their lovely circle. Who would think that people from this same small ‘village’ can be the ones to understand not hearing from you for years or even not seeing you for months or years (although we used to spend every day together as children). People I met when I was a child are the best gift to me, as we were there for each other whilst growing together into adulthood. But it is also some individuals that I met throughout and taught me that being different and a wee bit crazy is a good thing. Specially friends that took an effort to come to see me when I was far away.

Island of Krk in Croatia

Island of Krk in Croatia

All our friends (old and newer) are the best gifts we could ever wish for and even if you do not hear from us for a while, we are still there when you need us. Although we are on the road and away from you, we still think of you.