Why I love Chileans

I kept thinking what I loved the most about Chile (apart from those giant blueberries and dirty cheap seafood) and the thought that was constantly appearing in my head was: “poochkins, dogs, pikec!” No seriously, what do I love about Chile, I asked myself, and the answer was: “oooh that cute little dog..).

You probably think that I am crazy, but it is true; I love their dogs, domesticated or strays it does not really matter. Dogs here are so nice and friendly and so are the people towards the dogs as well. It was exactly what we needed after our loss of Herbie. It was heartwarming and in a way therapeutic. It took me a few days in Santiago to realize how friendly they are. Once I got this I also started noticing how well fed these dogs are and how well they were taken care of. As soon as we got to Puerto Varas, I “adopted” one dog, and half an hour later two more. They ran towards us with their tails wagging and demanded petting. Yes petting a stray dog is a stupid idea, but I could not resist it. They were adorable.

After a while I started to realize that there are plastic bowls everywhere and made me smile as I knew this was their water bowls that passersby fill up. Each dog knew their regular favourite human as the interaction between them felt like they are best friends since childhood. Seeing an old lady tearing fresh bread and started to feed the stray, who in return rubbed head against her leg.

In Valparaiso we again picked up a female dog, which wanted our company. She followed us for few hours as all she wanted was our company. I know this for a fact as she refused to eat fresh chicken breast ham I bought for her. I had to persuade her to finally eat it, which she only did when I hand fed her. I was searching for a plastic bowl in which I could pour water, and when I finally did there was a local woman cleaning it. I went there poured some water, and the lady was thanking me whilst our follower quenched her thirst.

So people and their love for dogs was what I loved about Chile the most. It is seriously a dog heaven. They are very friendly, nice and big dog lovers. No one cares if the dog is a stray, they will still take care of them and give them cuddles; sometimes even letting them into aerial tramway without paying for a ticket. Thumbs up to all Chileans.

A stray found his way to this aerial tramway...He knew exactly what he was doing and where he was going.

A stray found his way to this aerial tramway...He knew exactly what he was doing and where he was going.