Tanzania - budget reflection

Being out of Tanzania, means we owe you a post with our budget. So let’s see how we did.

So we spent 38 days in Tanzania (11 on a safari and 27 on our own). Our estimated budget PER PERSON PER DAY excluding safari was 61.00 GBP. We believed that with the standard of accommodation being lower than Kenya we will want to use our midrange estimate. Second reason for using midrange estimate was the thought of us doing more activities that are in general pretty pricey.

We realized that the very low budget accommodation still met all our needs (clean bathrooms and somewhat comfortable beds) so there was no need to upgrade the accommodation. There were also some activities that were unplanned and were somewhat cheaper and more interesting than doing the usual game drives. Do not take me wrong, we loved all our game drives but as our safari took us to some of the best parks and we saw most of the animals (cheetah was missing), we believed that doing even more game drives could take that specialness away. You have to know when to stop so you end on a high.  

At the end we realized that our daily budget was not only lower than our midrange estimate (61.00 GBP) we thought to use but also lower than the budget one (25.00 GBP)  without making any special sacrifices. We still treated ourselves with milkshake and burger or pizza every now or then so it was not hard at all to stay on track.

Just as in Kenya we were aware that in Tanzania our safari budget will be higher than an estimate, as our estimate was based on the cost of safari excluding any everyday purchases (e.g. water, snacks, beer).


Sum per person including visa

Estimated total cost: 2952.25 GBP

Actual cost:  2003.86 GBP

Off budget: + 948.39 GBP


Time in Tanzania excluding safari

Estimated per day: 61.00 GBP (+ visa of 61.00 GBP for the whole stay for Tan and 30.50 GBP for the whole stay for Lu = averaged 45.75 GBP per person) 

Estimated per day: 61.00 GBP (+ visa of 45.75 GBP for the whole stay) MIDRANGE BUDGET

Actual cost: 22.62 GBP (includes visa cost) MIXED BUDGET

Time in Tanzania whilst on a safari

Estimated: 118.75 GBP

Actual cost: 128.71 GBP

The route (googlemymaps)

The route (googlemymaps)