Namibia - budget reflection

Wow Europe in Africa. The cities are orderly, almost no litter by the road and some luxuries on shop shelves. This means pricier country. We overestimated the daily budget as we knew we will probably rent a car, which is not the cheapest thing to do.

There was again an unfortunate situation regarding getting South African visa (more about that next month) which forced us to buy tickets to Europe and back. Well all in all we were planning to go on a short Europe detour as our dog Herbie is not doing well. For this our Namibia timeline changed and we had to plan in a rush to try to get the most out of our stay there. But although we were restricted by time we managed to bury our daily estimate very deep in the ground. This makes me ‘the financial fairy’ happy.

We spent 10 days in Namibia staying in hostel and being extremely lucky with the accommodation. We got upgraded two out of three times, which made us feel less frustrated with all the problems. We decided to rent a car and drove from Windhoek to Etosha and then to the Atlantic Ocean in Swakopmund. We rented a tiny VW Polo as we realized we can do a self-drive safari in a 2WD and that Etosha is one park where we do not need a guide and the entrance fee is as cheap as burek. We saved money by using SC accommodation to have home cooked meals, we actually ate mostly salads and I decided to stop drinking beer with Tan in the evening. Giggle water is my new evening treat.

Our estimated budget for Namibia was 50.00 GBP per person per day and I think we did pretty good job in exploring the country and experiencing different type of safari. We haven’t done self-drive safari until now.



Sum per person including visa

Estimated total cost: 515.00 GBP

Actual cost:  348.88 GBP


Off budget: + 166.12 GBP

COST PER DAY (per person)

Estimated per day: 50.00 GBP (+ visa of 30.00 GBP for the whole stay for me only) BUDGET

Actual cost: 38.76 GBP (includes visa cost) MIXED BUDGET


The route (googlemymaps)

The route (googlemymaps)