Kenya - budget reflection

We finished off with Kenya which means it is time to check how we did with our budget.

Unfortunately we did not have much time in Kenya as we were time restricted due to our safari start date. However, we do know that we are coming back at least to Kisii and Masai Mara at one point in our future. And whilst being there making sure to visit our new friends Makori, Issa and hopefully Odoyo (the safari trio).

So we spent 13 days in Kenya (8 on our own exploring Nairobi area and the rest on a safari). Our estimated budget PER PERSON PER DAY excluding safari was 25.00 GBP. We would be able to meet our daily estimate, but there was our mistake not noticing that the camp charges for using their camping gear. Well we were aware of it, but at the time of the booking there was no option to book our spot and adding the cost of their equipment. But hey, we learn from our mistakes. Just as we learned from our first day in Nairobi, which the most expensive one, as we were still green to sub Saharan Africa.

We were aware that we will go over our safari budget estimate, as our estimate was based on the cost of safari excluding any everyday purchases (e.g. water, snacks, beer).


Sum per person including visa

Estimated total cost: 824.31 GBP

Actual cost:  817.54 GBP

Off budget: + 6.77 GBP


Cost per stay is more important for us as there is visa included in the estimate and in the actual cost. But if you really want to know our average cost per day you have more details below.

In general in all our country estimates per day we did not include our visa cost, but in our actual costs we included visa as well. It would be tricky to estimate visa cost per day as we do not know how long we will actually stay in each country. For this reason in our prior to travel planning we had separate category for visa costs, and we added them at the end of the trip as an actual cost.

Time in Kenya excluding safari

Estimated per day: 25.00 GBP (+ visa of 30.56 GBP for the whole stay) BUDGET

Actual cost: 27.34 GBP (includes visa cost) BUDGET

Time in Kenya whilst on a safari

Estimated: 118.75 GBP

Actual cost: 119.77 GBP

The route (googlemymaps)

The route (googlemymaps)