Backpack contents

Each traveller takes the things he/she can't be without. We could be travelling with less than we actually have, but at the moment we are comfortable of carrying the extra weight. Tan has 55l backpack and I have 35l. Looking at the below list, just amazes me, that we managed to pack everything and both bags together weight less than 30kg. Yaaay

We also have one day backpack and one day overshoulder purse. And everything fits in our two backpacks.

When packing we were trying to make sure most things were lightweight and not too bulky. For very bulky items we used compression bags, for the rest we used packing cubes (for organizing different items - just so that I don't go crazy).

Our buying policy:

If we had old usable clothes or extras, we took those, instead of buying new ones. Also this past few years we were careful with our purchases. For the last few years our presents to each other (birthday, Christmas, etc) were connected with our travels (backpacks, camera, compression bags, etc.).

I am sure that along the way, we will discard some items, but at the moment we found most of them already useful. And we are only on the road for a week.

What are items, you found the most useful on the road?