Bolivia - budget reflection

This was South America how we pictured it. From the moment we stepped into Bolivia we fell in love with it, even though we were stuck at the border for 4 hours. Everything about it was charming and made us feel like we again are travelling in our style. Travel that keeps us entertained by challenges and interactions we experience whilst immersing ourselves in their lives. It was the perfect spot to stop and take it all in and instead of rushing in and out.

 We were aware Bolivia was cheap; hence we decided to take much needed Spanish course, which was actually surprisingly productive due to our lovely teacher Shirley at Open Spanish. The course was probably the single most expensive thing we did, and as it is an investment for our future employment, I decided to keep this cost separately from daily budget.

As it was Tan’s birthday I kept the Mountain biking on Death Road and zip lining across its valley separately as well. If it was not this special occasion of Tan reaching his 30s, we almost certainly would not join this activity.  

We spent 38 days in Bolivia staying in private rooms, which we booked directly over the phone or on the spot, through Airbnb and We only stayed in a hostel dorm for one night in Uyuni. If there was any place to not feel guilty spending more than expected it was here, so we indulged in eating out, went a bit health crazy (especially quinoa products and avocados) with our grocery shopping, going out for drinks/cakes/cinema with friends and playing squalleyball. There is so much to do and it was hard to leave.

Now let’s check the numbers. Our estimated budget (mix between midrange and budget) for Bolivia was 10.50 GBP per person per day, but as I mentioned we ended up going for midrange budget which we estimated to 15.00 GBP per person per day.


Sum per person including visa & Spanish School & Birthday present

Estimated total cost: 426.49 GBP

Actual cost:  785.38 GBP

Off budget: - 358.89 GBP

COST PER DAY (per person)

Time in Bolivia excluding Spanish Course and Tan’s birthday present

Estimated per day: 10.50 GBP (+ visa of 54.99 GBP for the whole stay for Tan; 2x30days + photocopies) MIXED BUDGET

Actual cost: 14.97 GBP (includes visa cost) MIDRANGE BUDGET

Excluded activities from cost (per person)

Spanish School & Birthday: 216.38 GBP

The route (googlemymaps)

The route (googlemymaps)