Costa Rica - budget reflection

Costa Rica is a paradise to which we must return in the future. A place where you can enjoy as an adult and a place where your children can learn about wild animals in plenty of good sanctuaries that are reintroducing animals back in to the wild. We wish we would have had a bigger amount of our budget on the side for Costa Rica and of course more time. At least we have something to come back to and now with insider connections to a family with which we bonded.

We wanted to focus on wildlife, which we did, and in short 8 days we managed to do three animal connected activities: Jaguar Center, Tortuguero and Zooave. First and last are great places, where animals saved from illegal pet trade or injured creatures in rehabilitation are being taken care of until their release. They do a good job and we believe many countries should follow their lead. Animals that unfortunately cannot be released due to medical or safety reasons are there to teach us about the wildlife. Whilst Totuguero was Tans desire to see turtle in the wild, laying eggs.

Ok. Enough of the off topic monologue, let’s go back to the budget.

As we did a lot of activities in such a small time frame and had private rooms, we considered our budget being mixed. But the below daily estimate, would not be able to reach without our friend, who offered us a place in their home. We saved on 3 nights of accommodation and got insight in her life in Costa Rica and gave us the opportunity to deepen our friendship.

Comparing with Panama, we did much better although still not our desired goal.


Sum per person (no visa required)

Estimated total cost: 152.00 GBP

Actual cost:  182.68 GBP

Off budget: - 30.68 GBP

COST PER DAY (per person)

Estimated per day: 19.00 GBP (no visa required) BUDGET

Actual cost: 22.84 GBP MIDRANGE BUDGET

The route (googlemymaps)

The route (googlemymaps)