Guatemala - budget reflection

A place where I wish we could have stayed longer. I imagined it a paradise for my never satisfied crave for indigenous people. Oh I wish I could visit and learn more about them, but un/fortunately we will have to come back to do that. This time canoeing on Rio Dulce, walking around Flores and exploring one of better ruin sites, Tikal, will have to do.

As we had difficulties of finding a place with a shared kitchen, we were again indulging ourselves at gringo hangouts or restaurants instead of cooking. In Flores we did happen to have a basic kitchen that gave us the opportunity to make some salads, grilled cheese and other simple dinners. As far as activities; we choose to take a boat transfer that is also considered as a tour of Rio Dulce, stayed in accommodation with free use of dugout canoes and took the usual tour to Tikal through our accommodation (not the best decision of their operating partner).

We only stayed 6 days for which we estimated to spend 20.00 GBP per person. Not a bad estimate.


Sum per person (no visa needed)

Estimated total cost: 120.00 GBP

Actual cost:  125.44 GBP

Off budget: - 5.44 GBP

COST PER DAY (per person)

Estimated per day: 20.00 GBP MIDRANGE BUDGET

Actual cost: 20.91 GBP MIDRANGE BUDGET

The route (googlemymaps)

The route (googlemymaps)