Indonesia - budget reflection

This is embarrassing. It has been exactly 2 months since we left Indonesia and I am finally writing the budget reflection. I could pile up the excuses, but I wont. We enjoyed our last month of travel the way we supposed to; to recharge our batteries for the busy London life ahead.

Imagine the prettiest European hilly landscape and then sprinkle it with velvety red grass. The stories of the tribal life in villages scattered with thatched roof huts and white hair on dark faces, lightened with wide rusty-brown betelnut smiles. If anthropology is not your thing, then close your eyes imagining swinging in a hammock with a view of white sand under crystal clear water and no one around. The pictures of 'Finding Nemo' in front of your eyes or searching for turtles chowing on the colorful coral.

No? I did not catch you yet? Maybe you are not an animal enthusiast, but you see yourself on a beach surrounded with livelier evenings than just a simple reading of a book? Do you fancy spending time catching waves, and enjoying western pleasures in the evening? That is there as well! Indonesia has something for anyone and we tried a lot of it, but still so much more to see in this lovely country.

Our time was split between the Papua region and Bali/Lombok with a short stop in Sulawesi. It was magical-apart from Kuta in Bali. In total, we spent 47 days in the country spending on a midrange budget. We negotiated down some prices in order to stay longer, avoided guides where necessary and ate some pretty good food. We haven't done many payable activities, but the ones we did, we organized ourselves. We were very lucky to be treated to a week of surf camp by Tan's brother and his family. It was a great experience, which took us to find and explore a lot of nice beach corners. We also crashed a honeymoon of our friends, whose wedding we unfortunately missed. Do not worry, they already sorted their honeymoon business before the actual honeymoon. So I hope we were not too much in their way.

Apart from surfing, we did some trekking, snorkeling and attended a cooking class. It seems like not many things, but each activity took multiple days. Ok. Apart from the last activity.

So for the 47 days we spent in Indonesia we did not really have an estimated budget, as Indonesia was not on our list. I estimated a budget a couple of months before and I guess I already have quite a good sense of our expenditures. Our estimated budget for Indonesia was 17.50 GBP per person per day, knowing that we do won't have many costs for the surf camp.


Sum per person including visa

Estimated total cost: 855.00 GBP

Actual cost:  796.47 GBP

Off budget: + 58.53 GBP

COST PER DAY (per person)

Estimated per day: 17.50 GBP (+ visa of 32.50 GBP each for the whole stay)  MIXED BUDGET

Actual cost: 16.95 GBP (includes visa cost) MIXED BUDGET