Canary Island - budget reflection

A year of being settled and stuck in one place has been tough on us, especially for me. It has been over a year, since I had my fix of sunshine, and after a full-on season at work I was unable to get away to properly relax. Therefore, as soon as my workload got lighter, we decided to do a relaxing beach bumming holiday. To physically and mentally slow down we needed a quiet non-adventurous adventure. Looking through the low-cost airline websites I was trying to find a place where we can get well needed sunshine in October. Lanzarote in the Canary Islands popped up, so I started looking at the prices. We needed a cheap getaway as we are having much pricer trip coming up in the early 2018.

As we just bought a tent and some camping gear, camping was one of the options and as soon as I found this little volcanic island off the northern coast of Lanzarote the tickets were booked.

We were beach bums. Camping proved to be great, apart from a sandstorm that caught us. We did make breakfasts with our powdered coconut milk and Weetabix, and few sandwiches for lunches and ramen for dinners. Few times we went out for meals such as pizzas, burgers, or seafood. As it was a proper beach bumming holiday we had a good share of beers and some spirits. Apart from that, we did not spend money on anything else until we returned to Lanzarote for a night to stay in a hotel.

Tan did forget sunglasses so the cost of sunglasses was added to our daily budget to our 8 day long holidays.


Sum per person (no visa needed)

Estimated total cost: 380.00 GBP (no flight included)

Actual cost:  342.09 GBP

Off budget: +37.91 GBP

COST PER DAY (per person)

Estimated per day: 23.75 GBP (no visa needed)  MIXED BUDGET

Actual cost: 21.38 GBP MIXED BUDGET

The Route (googlemymaps)

The Route (googlemymaps)