Malaysia - budget reflection

Malaysia - budget reflection

I hope I still remember some parts of Malaysia, knowing I am late with this post. For at least 2 years!!! How dare I! Life goes fast once you become stagnant, but as usually I always finish my projects.

Malaysia holds a special place in my heart, as with it I lost my long haul travel virginity. 11 years ago, my first ever plane rides were three planes to get to this gem. And now we were back.

The first few days were a struggle for Tan, struggling with bad tummy, which got us more or less stationed at the hotel. We booked it right in the centre of the market, so I could explore some of the goodies on offer. After that it was time to say a temporary goodbye, as we went to India, Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia and 5 months later we were back where we started. This time we checked local street food market and the famous KL towers, before we headed to Penang, which was our binge on food. In Penang, we explored neighborhood streets for murals and food. Our travel adventure was coming to an end which meant time for the last week of relaxation on Perhentian Island before going back into this fast paced life.

We always had our own room, whether it was staying in a hostel, guesthouse, or a room on the island. Sometimes with AC, sometimes without. Our second biggest expense was eating out - a lot. We found a little Indian restaurant and Laksa joint, where we were regulars (sometimes eating at the same place twice a day; don't judge until you tried their laksa!)

Our estimated budget for Malaysia was 15.00 GBP per person per day, but when estimating we did not know this would be our last stop where we would want to splurge on food. Now looking back I am gobsmacked seeing how little we spent.


Sum per person including visa (no visa needed)

Estimated total cost: 375.00 GBP

Actual cost:  437.94 GBP

Off budget: - 62.94 GBP

COST PER DAY (per person)

Estimated per day: 15.00 GBP (no visa needed)  MIDRANGE BUDGET

Actual cost: 17.52 GBP MIDRANGE BUDGET